Outreach provided diabetes health education (basic information about diabetes and its risk factors) to lower-socioeconomic status, minority, or Spanish-speaking adults at risk of developing diabetes residing in underserved communities served by the public health department.  The goal of outreach was to motivate people to learn more about their risk by completing a Diabetes Risk Appraisal (DRA) and attending a subsequent diabetes screening event to obtain a fasting fingerstick glucose screening test.

For information on how to conduct community-based outreach, we provide an Outreach and Diabetes Screening protocol: English

For supporting outreach materials, see Supplemental Outreach Materials in the Appendices section of this website for download.

DiabetesRiskAppraisalDiabetes Risk Appraisal (DRA) is a one-page tool designed to quickly assess aperson’s level of risk of diabetes.  It used self-reported risk factors associated with diabetes and was developed based on published diabetes risk factors.  The DRA is available in English and Spanish.

For more information on how to administer, score, and interpret the DRA, see Outreach and Diabetes Screening protocol: English.  DRA description begins on page 1-7.

For DRA, and DRA materials, see Diabetes Risk Appraisal Materials in the Appendices section of this website for download.