Outreach and Diabetes Sreening Appendices

Click below for supplemental outreach materials, DRA, DRA materials, and diabetes screening materials.  See the Outreach and Diabetes Screening protocol for guidance on outreach (includes DRA) and diabetes screenings.  Throughout the protocol, relevant materials and forms are noted in yellow boxes, and are available below.  Appendices are formatted in Microsoft Word, unless indicated.

Supplemental Outreach Materials

LWBW project summary English Not available
Sample Outreach Calendar English Not available
Outreach Presentation English
Flyer Screening and Presentation Sample English Not Available
Sheet English Not Available
ADA Pre-Diabetes Handout English Spanish
LWBW Brochure English
Sample Flyer Refer A Friend English Not Available
Sample Refer A Friend Vouchers English Not Available
Sample Flyer Refer A Friend and Voucher Not available Spanish
Sample Newspaper Ads English Not available
Sample Flyer Diabetes Screenings English Spanish
Fasting Instructions English Spanish
Outreach Event Summary Sheet English Not available
Diabetes Risk Appraisal Materials
Diabetes Risk Appraisal (DRA) English Spanish
Diabetes Basics English
Not available
Body Mass Index Chart English Spanish
Diabetes Screening Materials
Fingerstick Glucose Test Procedures English Not Available
FS Results Card Less Than 106 English Spanish
FS Results Card 106-160 English Spanish
FS Results Card 106-160 Ineligible (use if deemed ineligible by staff (i.e. does not speak English/Spanish, cognitive difficulty, etc) English Spanish
FS Results Card 161-180 English Spanish
FS Results Card More Than 180 English