Program Manual Appendices

Click below for supplemental program materials.  See Program Manual for protocols for each program component.  Materials are formatted in Microsoft Word, unless indicated.

 Supplemental Program Materials

GRGS Reminder Postcards English Not available
Sheet English Spanish
GRGS Presentation Not available Spanish 
Participant Program Binder English Spanish
Fasting Glucose Arrow English Spanish
Anatomy Charts    
     Stomach and Glucose English Spanish
     Insulin and Glucose English Spanish
Food Diary English 
Physical Activity Calendar English Spanish
Goal Page English Spanish
PPS Reminder Postcard English Not available
Participation Data Sheet
(for counselor’s folder)



PPS Program Plan Sheet English Spanish
Action Plan Sheet English Spanish
Telephone Call Reminder Postcards EReportsnglish Spanish
Telephone Contact Sheet English Spanish
After Phone Call Reflections Guide English Not available
Letter for Difficult to Reach Participant English Spanish 
Plan Better Meals Presentation Not available


Old and New Food Pyramids English Spanish 
Hamburger picture English/Spanish
French fries picture English/Spanish
Get Active Presentation Not available Spanish(PowerPoint)
Graduation Reminder Postcard English Not available
Graduation Progress Review English Not available
Graduation Certificate English Spanish
Stages of Change English

Not available


Training and Staffing Materials

Helping People Change Presentation English
Helping People Change Presentation Outline English
Activity 1-Goal Arrow English
Activity 2a-Active Listening and Mirroring Ambivalence English
Activity 2b-Reflective Listening English
Activity 3a-Decisional Balance English
Activity 3b-Decisional Balance Table English
Activity 4-Two Vignettes English
Activity 5a-Confidence-Muscle English
Activity 5b-Barrier-Stop-Sign English
Activity 5c-Overcoming- Light-bulb English
Activity 5-Generic Action Plan English
Folder handout-Change Talk English
Folder handout-Eliciting motivational statements English
Folder handout-Personalities English

Folder handout-Stages of Change